Engraved dial production

Another possibility for creating a unique watch dial is to have it engraved. Each project is prepared on request and in close consultation with our clients, with whom even the smallest of details are agreed on.

Traditional hand engraving consists of carving either concave or convex patterns, decorative motifs, compositions or inscriptions with the use of small steel gravers. Gravers can also be used to sculpt a metal surface with the help of different cutting techniques. Here, an artist can also use chisels, jewelry punches, files, or abrasive surfaces and polishes. A combination of good craftsmanship and time-proven methods results in the creation of a one-of-a-kind dial and extraordinary timepiece.

Work on an engraved dial begins with the sanding and smoothening of a metal disc, as well as preparing a 1:1 scale drawing of the design that is to be engraved on it. A pattern is then transferred onto the dial surface by using carbon paper. Prior to engraving, the dial is covered with a thin layer of colorless spirit or nitrocellulose varnish to protect the transferred drawing. Engraving by hand can then begin. Depending on the complexity of a pattern or design, this process could take up to a month.