T-2077 Timepiece

The watch has been crafted to merge the precise, technological aesthetic of what you’d expect from the latest cyberware with a minimalist veneer which drives home the fact that, to have the edge in the world of 2077, you don’t always have to take it to the extreme.

What is the T-2077?

This titanium-based timepiece has been designed to capture the cutting-edge and high-tier style Night City is known for, providing a piece of technology that is both a throwback and a celebration of the ultra modern. It pays tribute to the megalopolis of Night City in a way that displays its resilience, adaptability, and innovation — with a sleek form factor that ensures you won’t find this tech just lying around in any old ripperdoc clinic.

Owning the T-2077 is owning a piece of Night City. No, more than that, it is an upgrade that helps you own yourself. It keeps you on schedule and lets you make the most of every minute. Whether you were raised on the streets of Heywood, trained in the boardrooms of Arasaka, or forged in the deserts of the Badlands, the T-2077 makes for a powerful and ever reliable companion.

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Blockchain secured

When you purchase the T-2077, you own it. This limited edition item is supported by Blockchain encryption technology — powered by Quantum — to certify your individual watch to you, nobody else. Scanning the QR code that accompanies the watch, you can ensure the T-2077 will remain linked to you, no matter what.

This unique feature gives you peace of mind that the watch you have invested in cannot be duplicated or counterfeited, storing its certification and validation server side, so even the most skilled netrunners can’t gain ownership of, or access to, your T-2077 certification. And in the future, should you wish to pass your T-2077 on to someone you care for, you can efficiently transfer ownership through the NeoBay.io app, where your T-2077’s history — its story — will be recorded for years to come.

Due to the exclusion of the certification intermediary server, NFT token registration will be possible until May 31th, 2024.

Technical Specifications and Features

Case — Pure Grade 2 Titanium;
Mechanism — quartz with a digital LED-type display (yellow);
Glass — darkened mineral, with additional sapphire coating;
Bracelet — Pure Grade 2 Titanium with butterfly clasp (you are freely able to swap the bracelet with a strap of your own);
Water Resistance — Up to 5 atmospheres;
Battery — Model CR2032; lithium manganese dioxide/Organic Electrolyte; 3V, 220mAh;
Display Format — 12 hour and 24 hour options;
Warranty — 2 years.
Limited edition — only 700 units worldwide.

PRICE: 595,- EUR

Błonie X Cyberpunk

We approached the CD PROJEKT S.A. team with a concept for a watch that we felt would seamlessly blend in with the streets of Night City. We believe to have achieved just that. As a Polish watchmaker, it is a dream come true to work with a world-renowned video game company and one of Poland’s largest companies. We are very happy that CD PROJEKT S.A. created the watch with us from scratch and powered it up with a blockchain-based guarantee by Quantum. Once they're gone they're gone, so head over to their store and grab one!