In the second production cycle, only 10 Błonie Rzemieślnicze model will be available. All watches are available only through the Błonie company store. 

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Product name: Rzemieślniczy

Retail price: €2,000.00

Technical data

40 mm stainless steel case 

Automatic STP 26-jewel movement, 

44-hour power reserve, 28,800 vph, 

Perlée decorations 

Signature red rotor visible through glass case back
Convex sapphire glass 

Water resistant to 5 atmospheres

Technical controller signature:

Zegarki Błonie Maciej Morawski

Product name: Rzemieślniczy

Retail price: €2,000.00

Additional information:

The dial and the strap are made according to an individual order. 

The set includes a leather travel case made of the same leather as the strap.

Order fulfillment time: 1-3 months depending on the complexity of the shield design.

Technical controller signature:

Zegarki Błonie Maciej Morawski

Błonie Rzemieślnicze timepieces are the embodiment of fine craftsmanship, attention to even the smallest of details, and the finest quality.

Since the reactivation of the Błonie brand, we decided to put the words “Made in Poland” on our watches, as was the case with watches produced by ZMP Błonie in the 1950s and 1960s. Rzemieślnicze watches are made by Polish watchmakers and only a few dozen are produced every year.

Dial manufacturing technology

Błonie Rzemieślnicze watches are characterized by unique dials, each of which is handcrafted in Poland.

Customization details are agreed upon individually with each customer, including the technology and materials that the dial is to be made of, as well as custom indices and strap and watch roll colors.


We had to overcome a number of technical challenges to develop an appropriate method for producing wafer-thin porcelain – the surface must be perfectly flat and free of cracks. It is a multi-stage, precise and time-consuming process, which is the combination of many years of artistic experience and a lot of patience. The result is dials that are characterized by their unprecedented depth and unique color variants, which are an individual feature of each item produced.

The second variation for the production of the timer dial is engraving. The project is prepared on request and in close consultation with the customer, with whom even the smallest details are determined. Traditional hand engraving involves concave or convex engraving and uses engravings to create a decorative motif, pattern, composition or inscription. Good craftsmanship combined with proven methods result in dials whose appearance is individual and unique. Regardless of the dial production technology chosen, the individuality of the watch is also emphasized by its limitation, immortalized on the timepiece’s caseback. The 1/1 mark distinguishes that each timepiece is one of a kind.

The watch case is based on the early concepts of the re-launched Błonie brand. In the case of Błonie Rzemieślnicze, the quality of the finish is greater than in any watch in our history. The steel case hides a modern automatic mechanism manufactured by Swiss Technology Production. It is characterized by decorations of the bridges and a perlage mounting plate, as well as the use of the so-called swan neck, which – in addition to its unique appearance – allows precise adjustment of movement accuracy. It has a 4 Hz movement, 26 bearing stones and a 44-hour power reserve. Especially for us, the manufacturer removed the date module from it, and also added a rotor according to our design, which can be admired through the glass case back.

The unique nature of the watch has been emphasized by leather elements sewn by a leathercraft maker – Przemysław Pipała. The colors of the strap, stitching and packaging have been individually selected to match the color of the dial, and the highest quality leather was used for their production such as goat or cattle, from European tanneries. Create your own unique watch from the Błonie Rzemieślnicze collection.