About Us

Revived in 2012, Błonie is a cultivation of the Polish watchmaking tradition and a national symbol brought back to life.

Young and talented Polish artists have designed all of the company’s watches. Even the brand's logo was reconstructed by renowned Polish calligrapher Adam Romuald Kłodecki. We want Błonie to be more than just a Polish brand brought back to life. We want our products to contain as much Polish spirit as possible.

As of April 2023, Blonie became part of the IMMOBILE S.A. Capital Group, joining PBH S.A., which operates within it.

Quality above all!

All of our watches undergo a three-stage inspection and quality assurance process. Additionally, each piece is individually inspected upon arrival in Poland. Błonie watches are carefully checked by a Polish watchmaker who regulates the precision of each watch’s movement.

Despite being a refreshed brand, our watches are also produced for customers from older generations. A Błonie watch is the perfect gift for fathers and grandfathers who remember or may have even owned an original model from decades ago.